Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday From the Mill Bay Community League

The MBCL would like to thank Linda O’Neil and Brenda’s Brats Choir for the wonderful Christmas Concert held in the MBCL Hall earlier this month. This annual old fashioned family event sponsored by the MBCL is an opportunity to see and hear the many talented people from our community and enjoy refreshments supplied by the MBCL.

Preparations begin in November, when the MBCL executive decorate the Hall and a Christmas tree with lights and decorations. This harks back to a time when Christmas didn’t mean a trip to Disneyland or hours and many dollars spent at the mall, but time spent with family and friends.
In the past, relatives and friends of all ages would gather for a big turkey dinner, often coming by sleigh if there was snow. A large fir tree would be cut and placed in the front room, glittering with tinsel, paper chains and wax candles to be lit only after dinner. Carols would be sung and memories shared.

After the table was cleared and dishes washed Uncle or Dad would have to leave for a few minutes. “Hurry back”, the children would shriek, “or you’ll miss Santa”. There would be the sound of sleigh bells, a rap at the door and then there he was; Santa Claus. The round-eyed children would watch as he put parcels under the tree and waved goodbye. Children received far fewer presents than today as most had to be ordered well in advance usually from a catalogue or handcrafted by a family member, as local stores were few and far between.

Times have changed but the Community League continues to recognize the importance of family and friends gathering together and will continue to provide these opportunities in the new year.