What makes a great community?

What makes a great community?

It is not just the location. It is in part, the history. But mostly it is the sense of everyone doing a little bit to make the most of the resources that exist and highlighting them with a creative twist that oozes a beautiful vibe. A great community a has deep sense of connection that is a by-product of fostering and nurturing beauty. Beauty in and of its people, places and the activities chosen for work and play. Effort is critical. Visitors not only see the results. . . they feel the active process at work and want to be part of that in some way.

Recently I have been working more at home, as we all have. We live on 2 acres in Mill Bay and have been seeing our little slice of the world with new eyes. Since the beginning of “lockdown” we now have a vegetable garden, a number of new flower beds, and in process is a covered fire pit gazebo which I intend to use for community gatherings. The effort and love connect us to this place. Our community has grown by being around and putting our hearts into where we live. I have been making new friends through the process of noticing what is in my own sphere and making the most of it.

We are fortunate to live in the Cowichan Valley and I say so because to me it is one of the richest communities in Canada. Perhaps not for its financial prowess, but for resources. Along with a deeply rooted first nations community, there are forests, a coastline, lakes, mountains, rivers, and incredible opportunities to enhance the beauty through the rich process of engaging. We have the vibe. And what ways can we continue to come together to enhance the experience of being here in the Cowichan? Not to develop as much as enhance our community by noticing what we have so that we can love where we live and who we live with even more. Notice your resource and engage with it and continue the vibe.

Ken Wylie, Mill Bay



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