Water in Mill Bay

For years the supply of water in Mill Bay has been a topic of conversation. 

Every year the summer droughts continue and extreme weather events increase. These are the signs of climate change which has dramatically changed how water flows into our aquifers. Droughts through the summer drain them, and extreme flooding rains wash excess water straight into the ocean bypassing the aquifers below. Our aquifers are not refilling every year and they are under extreme stress. Farmers have noticed reduced flows from their wells and some residents have had wells dry at the end of summer or when under the added stress of a nearby pump test. 

In 2015 the CVRD released “Living the New Normal” to provide education on being drought and flood smart.  In 2016 the Mill Bay Waterworks imposed a moratorium on development within the Mill Bay Improvement District since available water had already been committed.  Here we are in 2019, and what are we doing? Are we doing our best to be drought smart? Education is key in understanding how we can save water when it is scarce and harness it when it rains. 

Join us for our Annual General Meeting with Archie Staats to hear about how we can preserve water for future generations and be resilient as our climate changes. Want to do more? The league is looking for ambitious new members who are passionate about our community. Membership is only $5 per year.

Join us on November 19th @ 7pm in the Mill Bay Community Hall. See you there.