Welcome sign to Mill Bay

Mill Bay road has been the site of a “Welcome sign to Mill Bay” sign for many years. I was not aware of this sign until someone pointed it out to me a few months ago. Many years ago the Mill Bay Community League erected this wonderful welcome sign decorated with a jumping orca to welcome visitors to Mill Bay.  However, many people, including visitors, often missed this sign as over time the paint peeled and wild roses and blackberries all but obscured it.  It became clear that a refurbishment was needed!

A few years ago the league asked the CVRD and provincial highways department if a new sign could replace the old one but the idea was turned down. In Mill Bay the roads are maintained by the Department of Highways making it very difficult to enact  any local changes.

A few months ago our local area A Director,  Blaise Salmon,  re-introduced the idea and got the ball rolling by arranging a meeting between Tina Rogers from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Highways Department and Maureen Alexander MBCL director. This time a refurbishment of the sign (instead of complete replacement) was agreed to. A local gifted artist and sign maker, Brian May of Shawnigan Lake, was hired to design and construct the refurbished sign.   It is now a reality!

A huge thank-you goes out to all involved who made this happen especially the Mill Bay Community League for sponsoring the refurbishment.  Be sure to take the time to check it out the next time you are entering Mill Bay via Mill Bay road.