Covid-19 and the Community

I am writing this article a few weeks before it is published, and I can only hope that all our efforts to contain Covid-19 have been successful. The Mill Bay Community League closed along with recreation centres across the Cowichan Valley on March 16th, just one day before we were to host a public meeting on Emergency Preparedness! That meeting has been rescheduled for April 21st (everyone keep your fingers crossed!)

Our article last month on Emergency Preparedness ended on a note about community. We have been confronted with this necessity head on. It is our neighbors and community members who will get us through this time. For families who cut their vacation short and ended up in quarantine; their friends bought them groceries. For eldery members concerned about going out in public; facebook volunteers delivered prescriptions and supplies. For our neighbors; we have been able to speak over the fence to stay in touch with humanity. This is a scary time and we all experience it in different ways. In the end, we only have each other.

If you need more support please reach out on our facebook or instagram accounts @millbaycommunity. Join us for our public meeting on Emergency Preparedness on April 21 @ 7pm in the Mill Bay Community Hall. Download current edition April 2020 of the South Cowichan Life –